W2 Clinical Staff gets paid on a Fee-For-Service Model (FFS) - 

  • You get paid based on how many billable hours or services you complete and turn-in  
  • We also pay you an extra small amount for required monthly staff meetings. 
  • Since we operate on a FFS basis, you must know that there is a three-week gap, from the end of the work-period, to the direct deposit date. Please plan accordingly.
  • Under a FFS Mode, if you perform service "X", you get paid "Y" amount.
  • Everything is paid according to our FFS Schedule.
  • However, for Medicaid-therapy sessions, we offer 3-tiers, depending on the clinician's education/license.
  • LEADS are paid an additional amount (higher rate) for those extra "Lead" Duties.
  • We also offer a "Plus" rate, where, if you submit over 14+ billable hours a week, you automatically qualify for an approx. $2.00 rate increase for that payroll cycle on most sessions you do; therefore, if your rate is $34.00, it would automatically be paid at $36.00).
  • One important policy that we remind everyone, is that for your billable-work to be payable on a timely basis, it must be turn-in by you on-time and approved (by your Supervisor or Quality Assurance Manager) on-time. If an item is not turned-in or approved on-time, it will become part of the next payroll cycle. We require all staff to strive to turn-in their documentation on-time.
  • Weekly paychecks via Direct Deposit.

Overtime. Overtime is not allowed for Case Management staff. For Clinicians who are Registered Intern or Licensed, you are exempt from overtime requirements/regulations.

Draws/Advances. In order to keep up with federal requirements, you must log-in all worked hours in the ADP/PAYCOR system (see # 4 below). On those weeks in which you log-in work hours but you don't have any (or enough) billable notes turned-in, we will pay you a draw (or advance) to cover your Minimum Wage amount. You supervisor can inform you about this procedure at a later time during orientation.

Payment Calendar. Since we operate on a Fee-For-Service basis, you must know that there is a three-week gap, from the end of the work-period, to the direct deposit date. Please plan accordingly.​​ For 99% of clinicians, this does not pose a problem after understanding, that eventually if you do your work, you will get a steady paycheck every week. Of course, this varies depending on how many cases you have, if your are working PT or FT, etc.


  • LIABILITY INSURANCE - You are not required to get it. However, it would be a very bad idea NOT to do so. All counselors and case managers are strongly encouraged to obtain a personal policy to cover themselves. The truth is, that if BBBH gets sued because of YOUR actions, the company is covered. But if you don't have your own personal policy, and someone sues YOU directly, you could find yourself in a bad situation.
  • QUALITY - All billables (progress notes) are reviewed and approved before being invoiced to our insurance plans. Our Quality Assurance Coordinator will work together with you in the beginning to make sure you know exactly how to write a perfect insurance-compliance note. Furthermore, our Q.A. Coordinator also makes quality calls and checks signature verification sheets, as well as other things, to look out and prevent fraud. You should know, our agency takes fraud very seriously.
  • HIRING PROCESS - You can send your resume to HR. Human Resources will forward it to the appropriate Clinical Director. He/She will then call you for a short pre-screening interview over the phone. Should both parties decide to move forward, a face/face interview is scheduled after that. If recommended for hiring, you will need to come to our Maitland, FL office for a general orientation.
  • REQUIRED MEETINGS - In order to maintain great quality of service, and to promote togetherness, we do ask you that you attend a staff meeting every other month. Additionally, you may have to attend supervision meetings with your Clinical Director. If you are licensed, the number of meetings are less. And yes, we do pay you extra for meetings, as long as they are recorded in the ADP system. (If you are a 1099 Contractor, any meeting is optional and you are not required to attend).
  • TIMEKEEPING - You will be a W2 employee (in most cases).  For W2 employees, we have a system (ADP Timecard) which allows for you to track all your hours worked for us. This timecard is only used for reporting purposes as mandated by Federal Law, and it serves as a safety net for you in case you have a week in which all your clients cancel and you can't reschedule (in those cases, the safety net ensures that you haven't worked for free, as you will be compensated for some of those costs incurred such as driving, etc). The ADP system also tracks eligibility for benefits as mandated by the Affordable Care Act.


Big Bear Behavioral Health Inc


You must have access to a computer and smartphone, as our easy-to-use Mediware EHR system captures electronic signatures and is web-based. 

Nationally Accredited by the Joint Commission for Behavioral Health Excellence    800.840.2528 Ext 1


Support from your Supervisor. Your supervisor (Regional Clinical Director) is there to:
-- help you with any problem or issue related to your job
-- discuss cases and give you recommendations on clinical issues
-- encourage and motivate you to maintain your minimum billable-hour requirements
-- help you maintain an accurate caseload
-- encourage you to document notes in a “Medicaid-compliant” way
-- motivate you to become an effective clinician or case manager
-- share feedback, suggestions, and successes, as they know exactly what the aspects of being a field-clinician are like.