Big Bear Behavioral Health Inc

Nationally Accredited by the Joint Commission for Behavioral Health Excellence    800.840.2528 Ext 1


December 2017 - BigBearBehavioral won the table contest at the PACE Center for Girls - Orange County #ResourceFair! A big thank you to PACE for inviting us!

August 2017 - 5th Annual Be A Hero Back to School Resource Fair

June 2017- BBBH is recognized at the annual Open Minds Strategy in New Orleans, for our New Directions Program, being one of only 4 companies selected by Florida Blue for its pilot program.

May 2017 - Healthy Minds Healthy Lives 2017 Family Fun Day


​Founded in 2010, Big Bear Behavioral Health, Inc. a d/b/a for Psychamerica  Behavioral Services, LLC is a growing mental health agency in the State of Florida. We are owned and operated by mental health providers with the sole purpose of offering quality care to our clients and compassionate treatment to our staff. 

Our mission is serving our clients with strength based practice for the enrichment of our community and staff.

Our vision calls for readily accessible mental health treatment for families and stakeholders in the State of Florida.

Our Core Values are our "general guidelines" on how to conduct business: We strive to make processes user-friendly and practical; respect our clients and our staff; always "do the right thing"; and be caring and professional at all times.


Client care and quality service are our first priority. As such we believe that our clients can expect:

1. Responsiveness
​We promise that we will generally return your inquiry within 48 business hours.
We promise to process records requests within 10 business days.

2. Professionalism and Respect
We promise to treat you with respect regardless of your age, gender, sexual orientation, gender orientation, religious preferences, culture and race.
We promise to honestly explain the limitations to confidentiality so that you know what we are unable to keep secret.
We promise to tell you if we are not the best provider for you and refer you to someone else who is so that you get the best care for your needs. 

3. Inclusion
​We promise to consider your individual needs and ask for your participation when developing a plan of care.
We promise to make decisions with you, not for you.
We promise to ask your opinion about the quality of the services you received and make improvements when we fall short.

4. Safety
We promise to make every effort to safeguard your information so that your trust is never violated or mistreated.
We promise to speak to you with kindness and never judge you for your circumstances.  

 5. Quality Care
We promise that we will take your complaints and concerns seriously and make every effort to rectify the situation.
We promise to hold our staff accountable to the highest level of quality care.
We promise to train our staff on cultural and linguistic competency.
We promise to train and supervise our clinicians and service providers so that they are well equipped to address your needs.
We promise to review your whole family situation when treating you so that we can best address your needs.
We promise to consider the whole person, i.e. mind, body, and heart, when treating you.
We promise to provide you internal and external referrals for additional services so that all of your needs can be addressed.